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Yaxunah, a Mayan community

I invite you to explore with me a community rich in traditions and culture. Let's discover the magnificent activities of Yaxunah, ranging from handcraft workshops to demonstration and preparation of beverages, let me surprise you with all that it has prepared for you!

Yaxunah, is a Yucatecan Maya community of 700 inhabitants in the municipality of Yaxcabá, Yucatán. Formed by a group of enterprising women and men, united in promoting services and cultural activities, through 3 groups; Lol Kum, Compadres and the Yaxunah Tourist Parador.

Have fun with us knowing and exploring the many cultural activities prepared such as; immersion in corn, preparation of cochinita in a pib oven, handicraft workshops, a visit to the archaeological site "Yaxunahque", as well as the Lol-Ha cenote, and a full day in the community.

Full day in the community.

Surprise yourself with this tour in which we take you to know the process of corn production, visit a sustainable cornfield, learn cleaning tasks, planting, and harvesting. Shelling and making nixtamal, for the preparation and tasting of beverages obtained from corn.

In addition to that, you can enjoy services such as; organic garden, typical food in Mayan houses, welcome with flower necklaces and bicycle rental.

Live an unforgettable experience with us, and be part of the wonderful nature and history of Yaxunah.

Imagine, explore and discover the archaeological site called "Yaxunahque", and enjoy

lodging in cabins, food and typical activities of the community, and take part in this magical adventure!

Book your next experience with us and live this opportunity with MX3 Travel! Did you like this content? Be sure to write us a comment and subscribe to our blog for much more.


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