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The start of a wonderful journey!

MX3 Travel was born from the passion for traveling, the love for Mexico and the dream of achieving cultural, responsible and fair tourism with the communities and the environment. That is why all of our services in the Yucatan Peninsula are focus on creating a bridge between the communities and the responsible traveler. Our aim is to bring travelers closer to the territory and the community, presenting the heritage from an integral vision between culture and nature.


We are a team committed to communities, the environment and our clients. We strive for excellence and constant innovation in our services.


We seek to become a sustainable tourism agency that respects the communities and the environment in which it works, offering our guests genuine and unique experiences in the natural and cultural landscapes of the Yucatan Peninsula.


We will be a sustainable tourism agency in complete synergy with the communities we work in, respecting the environment and promoting fair and responsible tourism.

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