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Campeche, a walled city

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Some time ago I had the opportunity to visit Campeche, a place known as the walled city. As well as, for its magnificent hidden stories. Among them, the origin of the 8 bastions and the meaning of the creation of the wall. Let's embark on this path of exploration and sail the seas of Campeche to discover this incredible story...

Creation of the wall

Campeche is known as the walled city, since it has one of these constructions protecting the city from pirate attacks at that time.

Its construction began at the beginning of 1686 and culminated in 1704. It consisted of 4 gates (the land, sea, Guadalupe and Román gates), 4 forts and 8 bastions. Each bastion had important names of saints, since the group of them symbolized a small rosary of blessings or protective prayer for the good fortune of the town.

Names and order of creation of the bastions

The order of creation of the bastions was: Soledad, San Carlos, Santa Rosa, San Juan, San Francisco, San Pedro (destroyed), San José and Santiago. Each bastion has a meaning, among them, we can highlight the bastion of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, heart of the town and patron saint of sailors. Likewise, the bastion of San Carlos, which was erected in dedication to the king who was in power in Spain at the time of its construction, Carlos II, is also noteworthy.

At present, it is possible to visit 500 meters of the wall, 2 forts, 2 gates and 7 of the 8 bastions that existed many years ago. Among them, the Baluarte de Santiago stands out, which was the last to be built and, today, is used as a botanical garden.

Who would have thought that the construction of the wall and the buildings was due to the pirates that were attacking the town in those years. Today, they have become one of the most important and popular tourist and historical attractions in Campeche.

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