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Hanal Pixan or Day of the Death

Dare to discover a surprising and emotional tradition of the Day of the Dead in Pomuch. Have a unique experience with the unique customs of this community and be amazed by all that you can learn by exploring!


A town located in the State of Campeche, where the arrival of the Day of the Dead, better known in the region as Hanal Pixan, is eagerly awaited. During this celebration the dead are respected and venerated with the traditional "La limpia de huesos" or better known as "Choo Ba Ak", which has its origins in the pre-Hispanic culture and the cult that was given to the dead, being the only one that allowed them to return to the earth and the underworld.

The cleaning of bones

It is a link between the earthly and the celestial, it consists of remembering the loved ones who are no longer among us. To carry out this tradition, the cemetery is visited during the last week of October, where anecdotes, laughter and some tears of happiness are heard from the relatives who are going to receive their loved ones.

The cleaning process is very careful, brushes are used to remove the dust from the bones and they are placed inside a box decorated with a white embroidered or painted tablecloth, meticulously made months before, this represents the change of clothes of the visitor. In this unique welcome, flowers are placed, niches are arranged and candles are lit to illuminate their way home.

Today, this tradition has become an intangible cultural heritage of the State of Campeche, maintained from generation to generation. It is also known as "Los santos restos" (the holy remains), being a demonstration of love and faith to those who have departed and are still waiting for us.

Venture to know and feel the magic that exists around this peculiar tradition! Have a unique experience, remembering those who are no longer with us, book your next experience with us. Book your next experience with us and live this opportunity with MX3 Travel!

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