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11 nights - 12 days

The mayans had their own cosmogony. Come and imagine their world through their architecture, numerology, astronomy, calendars, and writing. Explore with us their vast culture and ancestral traditions. Join us on a journey through this ancient land where every corner tells a story. From its paradisiacal beaches, through its amazing archaeological sites and its stunning natural landscapes, we can enjoy an unparalleled adventure.


A 100% private trip, full of comforts and great adventures, specialized guides, incredible hotels, and cultural experiences that will bring us closer to the community in an original and magical way.


"Who believes, creates; who creates, does; who does transforms himself and the society in which he lives."

-Mayan proverb


5 nights - 6 days

Rueda de cerámica

Different cultures have grown in the Valley of Oaxaca, such as the Mazatecos, Zapotecos, Mixtecas. When visiting Oaxaca you have the opportunity to engage with its communities and their pre-Hispanic customs. To discover colors and flavors that awaken your senses. To be surprise with an endless number of textures, designs and hues that are represented in its extensive folk art traditions. Join us and let's explore its majestic archaeological sites, renowned artists and artisans, delicious gastronomy and the different cultures that inhabit this beautiful place.


A 100% private trip, full of comforts, specialized guides, incredible hotles, and cultural experiences that will bring us closer to its communities.


The word Guelaguetza comes from the Zapotec word guendalezaa "hand - turn" which means offering, present or fulfillment; directly related to the idea of giving and receiving, the concept of solidarity
and the sense of community.

-Ancestral traditions of the Zapotec culture

4 noches - 5 días


The land where the beautiful State of Campeche is located has been part of many different periods throughout history. During th pre-Hispanic time it was part of the city Kan Pech, it became a maritime village during the Spanish conquest and witnessed the piracy of that period - from its siege to the visit of bars and cantinas by famous pirates. Knowadays it is part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Let's explore its impressive forts, bastions, and walls as we imagine how thy were built and how they helped to diminish pirate attacks. Let's be amazed by its pre-Hispanic history and natural landscapes.


A 100% private trip, full of all the comforts, specialized guides, incredible accommodations, and adventures around natural and cultural landscapes that will take us back in time.


The word "Campechano" was born in times of the Spanish conquest and piracy. It is one of the spanish words that has more meanings and uses. Currently it describes food, drinks, moods and actions. It is also used as the name given to the people from Campeche and its even a verb. 

-El Universal, 2020

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